A PR and news management specialist I got bitten by the golf bug in 1999 and began to disinvest from other specialist industries so that by 2004 virtually all my clients were golf-orientated.

A golf industry virgin, I applied basic journalistic instincts and experience gained from the harder-edged sectors of security, civic matters, corporate affairs and creative strategy learned as a senior copywriter at McCann-Erickson in Johannesburg. I got a massive boost to the learning curve with early clients Brush-T and Yes! Golf – both of which I developed into global brands from what began as UK-centric clients.

Having shared media facilities and platforms with many of my role models among the world’s press, TV and multi-media golf reporters at trade events and European Tour events internationally, I have tried to invest all my endeavours with a combination of naked client commercial interest and a genuine love of the game (club and Tour level) and an honest interest in marrying the technological with the sporting facets of golf.

My clients are manufacturers, coaches, clubmakers and thinkers and I’m always eager to meet new people on every continent who want to interact with golfers and golf businesses the world over.

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